Spud pauses for a moment after entering the main gate of the Dachau Concentration Camp

Having enjoyed his previous trip to Frankfurt back in 2005, Spud was anxious to get back there to explore more of Germany's beautiful countryside and long-storied history. The area he focussed on for this trip was Bavaria - home to the majestic Alps

Amid the tranquil beauty of Bavaria, lay the somber town of Dachau. What was once a peaceful rural hamlet, that all changed in the early 1930's when the Nazis built their first concentration camp there. It was important to Spud that he visit the site as the first stop on his trip

The camp opened in March of 1933 and over the next 12 years, held over 200000 prisoners from more than 30 countries until it was liberated by British and American forces in April of 1945.

The atrocities of the camp are vividly retold in a series of storyboards throughout most of the still-surviving buildings. Today, the Dachau Concentration Camp remains as a memorial to a time that no one must ever forget.

Munich's Olympiapark is a hotbed of activityFrom Dachau, Spud ventured into Munich (or München as the locals refer to it), one of Germany's most popular, thriving cities.

Although the tater had never been there before, Munich was instantly recognizable.

First stop was Olympiapark - site of the 1972 Summer Olympic games. Unlike most host cities of the Olympic Games, Munich still actively uses the facilities that were built for the event and Olympiapark is often the centre of activity. Today it is a venue for professional sports, concerts, exhibitions, hiking trails and a welcome respite for both locals and vacationers alike.

Spud climbed to the top of its centrepiece, the Olympic Tower, for a view from its 950 foot (290m) platform. The 360 degree views of Munich were a spectacular site.

From atop the tower, the tato noticed another familiar landmark. A sacred temple to mid-life crisis yuppies the world over: the BMW world headquarters

Although it was built from 1968 - 1972, the corporate office for Bayerische Motoren Werke is ultra modern in its appearance and doubled as the Energy Corporation in the 1975 sci fi thriller Rollerball, starring James Caan.

The building is actually designed in the shape of a 4 cylinder engine, and in true BMW fashion, no doubt costs an arm and a leg to replace its oil filter.

The sacred temple of the Yuppie: BMW world headquartersUnfortunately for many polo-shirt clad, Ray-Ban wearing pilgrims, the famed BMW museum was closed for renovations leaving many to stand dumbfounded on the street corner until local authorities had to forcibly remove them for loitering.

Spud had more places to see, so he hopped into his wheels and sped off out of Munich and into the rolling hills, sprawling pastoral farmland and quaint mediaeval townships of the Bavarian countryside, nestled amongst the foot of the Alps

The crown jewel of Bavaria is Schloss Neuschwanstein, the spectacular New Swan Castle, which rises like Olympus high above the surrounding valley and domineering the landscape.

The 'fairy-tale' castle and its magnificent columnal fluted spires was the role model for "The Magic Kingdom" that populate each of Disney's Theme parks around the globe. The fortress draws about the same amount of visitors each year, but fortunately this place is devoid of giant rodents with pet dogs.

Spud learned that the castle had been built by Bavaria's King Ludwig II. The construction began in 1869 and to this day, still remains unfinished. The potato mused that the contractor must be getting paid hourly.

Ludwig's lavish construction almost bankrupted Bavaria's economy and his obsession with the building meant that many of the affairs of state were given little attention. Eventually, his cabinet deposed King Ludwig, claiming that he was insane. Shortly thereafter, the King was found mysteriously killed

Although the homicide was never solved, witnesses noted that the killer had really large ears and only 4 fingers on each hand. The killer escaped identification as he had worn big puffy white gloves, and left no fingerprints behind.

Not you again!!!The tater snuggled into a soft spot far up on the hillside, high above the castle and dozed off to dreams of Julie Andrews serenading the von Trapp family on the hills below.

His peaceful slumber was short-lived however as the familiar and annoying sound of a nasaly voice began to fill the calm alpine air. It was his nemesis: the Roaming Gnome

Once again, the Gnome had returned to taunt the potato with tales of his indulgences and perks from working for Travelocity, the discount travel agency.

The tater had hoped that he had seen the last of the pompous pip-squeak when he encountered him in Namibia, but just like in Japan before that, he managed to bounce back.

The egotistical elf began to pull out all his itineraries of places he had recently been and coincidentally, never paid a penny for. He went on an on about his appearances on the TV reality show the Amazing Race and how he was the talk of the town every place they went.

The Gnome continued to spew his diatribe and at the same time, scattering his countless boarding passes all over for everyone to see.

The side dish wasn't going to take it any longer. He grabbed some frequent flier upgrades from the Gnome's pocket and stuffed them into the elf's blabbering cake-hole.

Grabbing him by the peak of his conehead, the potato dragged him down the rocky hillside to his waiting rental car.

After tossing the squirming dwarf into the trunk, Spud headed back into Munich - straight to the Marienplatz and the Neves Rathaus. What better place to take an annoying pest, then to a 'Rat House"?

Spud takes out the trashSpud turned the arrogant elf into the local authorities and told them of his flagrant littering at the site of their National Treasure. The German officials were none too pleased with hearing of the Gnome's disrespect and hauled him off to jail.

After leaving the Rathaus and finally being rid of the Roaming Gnome, Spud felt like celebrating. When in Bavaria, that can only mean one thing: Pure, No Preservative, Unadulterated Lager. Sure,if you pound back 4 or 5 two litre mugs of the amber nectar you're liable to break out the lederhosen and start yodelling, but at least you won't be hung over the next day!

The tato headed over to a nearby beer garden and ordered up a tall, cool Lowenbrau. Feeling a bit peckish, the tato also asked the buxom frau lein server for a menu.

No better way to enjoy Bavaria than with a couple of good friendsAs the tato scanned the bill of fare, Spud was surprised to find the establishment was so self depracating. The menu listed Liverwurst, Weisswurst, Bratwurst... Why would they openly disclose that it was their 'Worst' dish and how come nothing said 'Best'?

In fact, the only thing that didn't say ''Wurst' was 'Long Ribs'. Spud concluded that they must be better than the rest, so he ordered up a rack. His instincts were spot on as the ribs and beer were a fabulous way to celebrate the end of his visit to Bavaria


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