Spud wonders how many people this elevator would holdSaskatchewan

Spud ventured to the Canadian prairie in July of 2000 to try to solve one of the world's great mysteries. No, I'm not talking about the mystery of why all vehicles have signal lights yet they are hardly ever used, I'm talking about an enigma of cosmic implications: the crop circles of North America's heartland.

Our intrepid tuber had always been interested in the unusual circular patterns that had been discovered in the wheat fields of Canada and the U.S. since first seeing them featured on television. Many claim that the designs were created by extraterrestrials, possibly as a way of marking explored territory navigating their space craft. Always the eternal pessimist, Spud looked for a more realistic answer.

Well it's  certainly not the Waldorf!His journey began when he arrived in the humble prairie town of Wawota, Saskatchewan - the site of a recent crop circle discovery. Spud checked into the town's lone motel and was pleased to find it was tastefully appointed with a coin operated vibrating bed and a couple of groovy dingle-ball lamps. Amazing that a place so far out of the way would be so 'hip'.   But Spud wasn't here to pump money into a mattress, he was here to uncover a mystery.

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