Ole St. Louis

I thought the Golden Arches were supposed to be Golden?

Spud first visited Missouri in June of 2013 when he drove to St Louis. known for its ribs and beer, there was little surprise what drew Spud to the city. Of course though, St. louis is also known for its iconic Gateway Arch, so that was the first stop on his list.

Since 1965, the 630 foot tall Gateway Arch has stood on the banks of the Mississippi River as a monument to the western expansion of the United States. Spud learned that the original design plans were to build two arches that were gold in colour, made from styrofoam hamburger boxes, but that changed when original funding sponsor McDonald's pulled out. Today, the Arch is singular and constructed of stainless steel, with a tram built inside to carry visitors to an observation deck at the top.

The tuber boarded the tram and climbed to the apex to get a bird's eye view of the town below. It didn't take him long to spot one of the city's other iconic spots: The Anheuser Busch brewery. That would be his next stop.

Brewmeister Anheuser Busch set up shop in St Louis in 1852 after finding that the locals in the area were looking for a beer flavoured water. Other, European influenced breweries, were brewing beer that had alcohol in it, but Busch discovered that the tea-tottling local patrons were getting inebriated after only half a glass. As such, they would pass out after a bottle, and thus sales would be minimal at best. Busch then set out to make a drink that consisted mainly of water with only alcohol flavouring. He figured if he could fool the public into thinking they were drinking a manly drink, yet keep them from getting drunk, he would sell bottle after bottle. He coined the beer 'Budweiser' which meant flavoured water in German.

Busch's theory proved accurate and his 'beer' has been fooling Americans ever since.

Spud signed up to take a tour of the brewery and to see where the magic happens. Spud continually asked the guide during the tour, how come there was so little alcohol in the beer compared to other ales and lagers. the tour guide feigned that he didn't hear the question and just carried on with the charade. Undaunted, the side dish persisted with questioning to which he got no response. When the tour entered the vat room, two surly henchman emerged from behind a boiler and jumped the hapless tater. The two pummeled the poor potato, knocking his teeth out in the process, before depositing him unceremoniously in the gutter outside the brewery.

Spud gets 'bounced' out of Budweiser

I guess it's safe to say he wore out his welcome in St. Louis



Spud visits Missouri's Blue Hair's Vegas

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