Forget Elvis and Oprah, where's the Shrimp?

It took 25 years of traveling before Spud was finally able to cross his 47th state off his bucket list in October of 2014: Misssissippi!

Mississippi is known for its cultural icons like BB King, Elvis and Oprah, but they all walk in the shadow of another: The World's Largest Shrimp

This amazing example of Pawn perfection is housed at the Old Spanish fort located in the tiny sea-faring town of Pascagoula on the Gulf Coast

Spud drove clear across the United States in eager anticipation of meeting with the sensational seafood only to be greeted by a fence surrounding the property. Unfortunately, the Fort was hit by Hurricane Katrina and has sat in disrepair ever since.

Fortunately, the supersized steroid induced shrimp survived in its cocoon of formaldehyde and was rescued by the Fort's caretaker. Until the restoration and repair of the Fort is complete, the Shrimp has been staying on a shelf in the custodian's cellar alongside some canned beets and cobbler. The tater's visit with Mississippi's greatest citizen would have to wait for another day...


Show me more travels in the USA!

Show me more travels!