The Bonneville Salt Flats

Spud prepares his high performance Jeep for a land speed record

Spud returned to Utah in 2009. After spending time slowly touring through Utah's glorious National Parks, the tuber had a need for speed. In order to quench his thirst for throttle, he headed to the Northwest corner of the state to The Bonneville Salt Flats

Bonneville is home to a dried lake bed or salt pan, known for its massive expanse and hard, flat surface which is ideal for attempting land speed records.

The first land speed record occurred there in 1935 when Englishman Malcolm Campbell broke the 300 mph mark in a V12 powered car named The Blue Bird. From that point until the mid 1980s, almost all land speed records would be broken at Bonneville.

The tato prepares to tear up the Salt Flats

Spud had no intention of traveling those speeds as his skin would likely peel right off his body, but when he arrived, he tweaked his Jeep engine by installing a Nitrous Oxide Turbo unit to give his 4WD a bit of 'kick'. Strapping himself in, he fired up the motor and screamed across the dry lake bed, leaving a cloud of potato flakes in his wake.


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