Spud heads to the Tygart Valley WhatsNew_Title.gif (1845 bytes) 

Spud visits Mummies and Forefathers in the hills of West Virginia!!

What started out to be a harmless trip to see a bridge developed into considerably more in Spud's latest adventure!

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Spud's eBay Shop is closed while Spud in on Tour!
Spud's eBay shop is closed whilst he's away, but look for his return in late May when the Visa bills start coming in. He'll be trying to pawn off everything he owns to pay the bills!

The Mr. Potato Head Hockey Player

Hey you collectors out there! With the NHL lockout this year, Spud is selling off some of his hockey players as he can no longer afford their exorbitant salaries. That's your opportunity to pick one of these guys up for a steal. There are both White Jersey and Red Jersey Mr.Potato Head Hockey Players available on Spud's Stuff Page, These are in very limited supply - in fact there are only a few more white jersey guys left - so be sure to get yours today!.

Is it ethical to deal in clones for commerce? Probably not, but the tater is not known for his ethics!

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Spud on Tour!
Spud is a traveling fool over the next few months! Currently the potato is in Deutschland on part of his European Invasion!

Upcoming trips will find him in:

April - Frankfurt, Germany
April - London, UK
April - Paris, France

May - Tokyo, Japan
May - Beijing, China
May - Hong Kong
May - Singapore

November - In search of Polar Bears in northern Canada

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