Spud 'bakes' in the hot Jamaican sunJAMAICA

Spud traveled to the island of Jamaica for the first time in April of 2002. The tuber had weathered a long, cold winter in Canada and longed for a restful vacation under the hot Caribbean sun. His journey took him to the toasty sands of seven mile beach on the quiet west side of the island. It was there that Spud planted himself beneath an old palm leaf and baked under the blistering sun. The potato whiled the hours away watching speedboats labouring to get overweight, pasty-white tourists airborne beneath giant parasails.

After he was well roasted, Spud decided to break out his inflatable tube and check out the warm turquoise waters of the Caribbean. As Spud peacefully drifted along the coast, he dreamt of the day when Christopher Columbus first dropped anchor here back in 1494 opening the door for Spanish settlers to arrive and bring disease which all but dessimated the original inhabitants, the Arawak Amerindians.

Spud floats into an old pirate caveSpud floated by many limestone caves that perforate the coastline and went in closer to explore. Many of these caves were used by pirates in the 17th century, who would hide away in the dark confines only to emerge and ambush unsuspecting passers-by and rid them of their worldly possessions. Today the bucanner legacy lives on as 'ambushes' happen regularly by those trying to hawk time-share properties.

50 J's for a beer - cheaper than water!The hot sun and relaxation made Spud thirsty, so he decided to head back to shore and see if he could find a nice bar on the beach.

Fortunately, it didn't take long before Spud stumbled upon one of Jamaica's many refreshment stops. Inside, the tuber ordered himself up a local favourite: Red Stripe beer and an order of 'jerk' chicken. Apparently, the Jamaicans tend not to think much of their livestock as they often refer to their chickens as 'jerks'. Either way they were mighty tasty!

As Spud was enjoying his meal, he was approached by a pleasant chap by the name of Salomon Kerr. It turned out that Salomon was a tour guide for the local area around Negril. The two shared a beer and Spud regaled the man about his worldly adventures. Salomon asked the tuber if he had been to Jamaica before, and when he found out he hadn't, offered to give the tater an insider's tour.

Spud shares a Red Stripe with a localNever one to pass up an opportunity to explore, Spud eagerly agreed.

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