Inside "The World of Coke"

While Spud was in Hampton, Georgia for a big Winston Cup stock car race, he couldn't pass up an opportunity to visit nearby Atlanta - world headquarters for the nectar of the gods: Coca-Cola. Yes, only in America will you find a shrine to a soft drink manufacturer.  

Spud enters the Vatican of soda-pop

The World of Coke is the vatican of soda pop; a place where thousands make their pilgrimage each day to pay their $6 tithe to be preached to with endless streams of Coca-Cola propaganda lurking around each corner of it's 3 story facility. Spud was one of the many sheep that are herded through it's hallowed halls and past a timeline of history documenting the drink's rise to world domination.  Along the way, he was sure to get his fill of samples from the entire Coke family - including the not-to-popular watermelon flavoured Coke that is marketed in the Middle East.   Needless to say, the restroom was the most popular attraction.

Not content to give their samples away for a measly $6 admission, the Coke executives ensured that the exit was only reachable by finding your way through the enormous labyrinth that was the gift shop. From flashing bottle Christmas lights to solid pewter six packs, the World of Coke has every conceivable item known to man plastered with the red & white logo; all in an effort to drain your bank account before you find the way out. Where else would you want to buy a miniature can of soda at 10 times the price of a regular size one you get at the corner grocery store?

Spud coughed up for a wagon filled with the ice cold nectar.   Although it almost cost him an arm & a leg, our resourceful tuber was well prepared with extra limbs stored in his rear. 




Touring around Georgia

Spud finds himself a Georgia Peach

Atlanta Motor Speedway

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