Beatrice has her way with SpudThe Honeymooners

Faster than Elvis could down a gallon of ice cream and a six pack, Beatrice led Spud out of the chapel and into the back seat of a waiting 63 pink cadillac.

The car sped off to the yam's love nest at the Flamingo Hilton. Dozing in and out of consciousness, Spud managed to follow the obsessive tuber into her room before collapsing on the bed.

Beatrice was not about to let the wedding day end without consummation so she proceeded to peel the lethargic tater down to his unmentionables before clicking off the light.

Spud awakes with a bad case of 'hair of the potato'Spud woke the next morning with his head pounding like he was hit with a sledgehammer. His mouth was dry like the Nevada salt flats and tasted of mothballs and cardboard. His breath was beginning to peel the paint off the suite's walls. He reached for a bottle of aspirin to try and escape the fog his mind was in.

Wondering where he was, Spud glanced around the room. He noticed that clothing was strewn all over the floor.  Spud sat up and then was shocked to see that in bed next to him was a potato looking remarkably like Dame Edna. Suddenly, Spud felt sick to his stomach.

His problems compounded when he looked at her hand and found a wedding ring. Panicking, the potato quickly saw that he had a matching ring on his own finger. The tuber let out an ear piercing shriek upon realizing what he had done: Spud had gotten married!

What will happen to our traveling tuber now that he's tied the noose...err knot?
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