Ervine gives Spud a cheap shotBattle of the Side Dishes

Spud made the mistake of turning his back on the vicious veggie and got cold cocked in the back of the head. The cheap shot knocked Spud to the ground and the eggplant pounced with gloves flailing.

For ten minutes the purple menace rearranged the dazed tuber's face before leaving him in a heap in front of the stunned media and paparazzi. Spud didn't know what hit him.

As the eggplant made his way into his waiting limo he continued to spout off expletives. A few minutes later, an ambulance arrived whisking the injured potato to a nearby hospital where he underwent reconstructive surgery. 

The eggplant kicks sand in Spud's faceThe fight was 2 days away, so Spud would need a speedy recovery.  Upon release from the hospital, his doctor advised him to make sure to get plenty of rest, otherwise, he would be in no shape to fight.  Heeding his advice, Spud headed to the beach for some peace and quiet.

The hot summer sun enshrouded the tuber in a blanket of warmth. The fresh sea air was alive with the fragrant odour of dead fish, and the smell reminded him of his adventure in Seattle.  Spud began to drift off and dream of his travels when he was choked by a cloud of sand.  Ervine had found the potato and booted part of the beach into Spud's mouth.

Spud coughed and gasped as the eggplant posed brazenly and snickered.  The tater began to boil with anger at being ambushed twice by this muscle bound menace. Ervine continued to prance around mightily as the fire grew within the tuber.

Spud rearranges Ervine's faceFinally Spud's anger hit a crescendo and exploded in violence. The tiny tuber jumped on the stupefied vegetable and proceeded to pummel him into a moussaka puree.  By the time the tuber was finished with him, Ervine was nothing more than a stain on the beach.

Knowing that this premature obliteration of his opponent would not sit well with the promoters and ticket holders, Spud had to skip town before anyone found out.



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