Spud drops by to visit the world's largest bovine - Salem SueNorth Dakota's
Secret Treasure

Barely containing his excitement after driving the Enchanted Highway, Spud managed to pull himself together long enough to continue his quest for North Dakota's secret treasure.

As he got closer to his destination, Spud saw the state's most respected resident and ambassador to the world: 'Salem Sue'; the world's largest Holstein Cow. Spud couldn't resist stopping to visit with the 12000 pound milk machine

The cow herself was not all that exciting; preferring to gaze pointlessly across the green tapestry of the Dakotan landscape.

Spud takes his hand at milking Salem SueSeizing an opportunity to get a free drink to quench his thirst, Spud leaped up and grabbed hold of the bovine's tremendous udder.

Barely able to wrap his hands around the huge nipple, the tuber pulled valiantly trying to squeeze out some of the cow's partly skimmed milk.

The thirsty tater got more than he bargained for when the cow responded with a torrent of lactose that blew Spud right into the next county!

It was time to continue his quest anyway, so the carbohydrate climbed back into his car and motored off to nearby Minot. It was there that the treasure of the Dakotas could be found.

Spud finds North Dakota's secret treasure!Upon arriving at Minot, Spud headed to the nearest Wal-Mart and found his grail - the most prized possession of North Dakota and the reason why so many tourists flock year after year to this barren plain:  North Dakota is the only place on earth where you can buy perfume scented garbage bags!  Now Spud's trash can smell like Chanel no. 5!

After loading up on an assortment of the latest colours, the tater was off - having accomplished his quest!



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