Spud admires the handiwork of the giant Tin FamilyThe Titans of
North Dakota

Shortly after seeing the movie Fargo, Spud became obsessed with visiting the plains state of North Dakota to see if it really is that flat and desolate as was depicted in the film.

Well, as Spud quickly found out, the state is every bit as flat and desolate as the movie showed. In fact, the biggest mound in the landscape he encountered was a speed bump in the parking lot of a local Wal-Mart. But that changed when he headed out to the Western part of the state.

That's one big honkin' grasshopper!Silhouetted on the horizon were a number of giant figures. As he got closer, he passed a sign denoting that he was on 'The Enchanted Highway' - a roadway littered with enormous sculptures made from scrap metal. It would appear that when the local farmers have a bad crop, they dismantle their combines and tractors and use the parts to make these mammoth monuments of metal mediocrity. I guess there must have been a number of bad years, for the state now boasts one of the largest collection of giant metal sculptures in the world.

The sculptures range from a Tin Family who stand almost 50 feet tall (16m), a group of grasshoppers (one measuring 40 feet (13m) high and 50 feet (16m) long) to a flock of hens (one weighing in at 13000 pounds (almost 6000 kg). Imagine the mess that one would make on the car!

Not only were the pheasants huge - you should have seen the size of their droppings!!As thrilling as it was to drive along the highway, admiring the farmers' handiwork, Spud had more important things to do...you see, Spud was on a quest for something only North Dakotans have!

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