Pulled over for speeding...Trouble with the Troopers

Even though you can stand on the eastern side of North Dakota and look straight across the state and see Montana, Spud still managed to have a state trooper sneak up and nail him for speeding.

Of course it would be impossible to hit anything in a place as flat as this, but that doesn't stop the state police from enforcing a painfully low speed limit.  Spud figured that most of the troopers work part time for the department of tourism, and this is their way of encouraging tourists to spend more time in the area.

Spud's not impressed by the welcome gift bestowed upon him by North Dakota's state troopersAfter donating his $100 to the North Dakota State Police donut fund, he was on the road again in search of North Dakota's secret treasure...


The Titans of North Dakota

North Dakota's secret treasure

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