Spud visits the bustling marketplace in La Paz, BoliviaBolivia_Title.gif (1520 bytes)

What a babe!!!Spud had always looked forward to visiting the bustling city of La Paz.  At 12800 feet above sea level, the highest capital city in the world had many surprises in store. Aside from it's amazing locale (blanketing a steep valley surrounded by enormous mountains) La Paz is renowned for it's incredible outdoor marketplace.   Each day, thousands of Cholla Indians struggle for a postage stamp size of real estate in which to sell their wares - everything from light switches to soccer jerseys to dried llama fetuses can be had at this market that weaves it's web along the narrow cobblestoned streets through a huge section of town.

It was at the market where their eyes met.  Spud noticed her while buying a talisman at the witch market. The perfect round pepino sat chatting with friends...her full red lips pouting. Spud was immediately entranced. Collagen injections or not, those lips longed for kissing and he was just the tater to do the deed.

He wasted no time in running over and introducing himself. She pouted at his tales of adventure and quietly batted her big plastic eyelashes. Sensing her obvious attraction, Spud took her to a secret locale offering a breathtaking view of the city.  With the timing right, Spud seized the opportunity and planted a big smooch on the wanting pepino. He was greeted with the flavour of a lipstick laden septic tank....
GAKK!!!!  Spud learns that dental hygiene is not high on the locals' list of priorities...Pleasantly satisfied, the pepino opened her mouth and smiled to reveal one solo tooth - a wounded survivor in a losing war against fungus and decay. The smell was gut wrenching sending Spud doubling over; hacking and spewing.  Needless to say, he didn't hang around for seconds!

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