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For hours the Potato cruised silently down the Rio Yacumo deep into the Amazon Basin, following the lead of a pod of pink dolphins.  The river's banks were lined with wildlife: alligator, mosquitoes, tortuga, giant capybara, mosquitoes and numerous large birds of prey.  The hot and humid temperature quickly drained Spud of his energy and he decided to seek refuge in the cooler waters of the river. As soon as the tuber hit the water he was mobbed by a school of hungry piranha eager for his sweet skin. After barely fighting off a frenzied attack (and losing an arm and his nose in the process), he managed to struggle back into the safety of the boat. 

Anyone for 'filet-o-piranha'?Soon after he replaced his missing appendages with some spares, he decided to take revenge on the carnivorous fish. 

Baiting a hook with part of his severed nose, the potato tossed the line into the water where he was nearly made the day's entree.  It didn't take long before he snared one of the toothy piranha and scooped it from it's safe haven in the water. Spud would be able to exact the ultimate revenge tonight by dining on filet-o'-fish.

An anaconda slithers through the grass around the unsuspecting potato...The next days found Spud exploring deep into the jungle seeing even more wildlife: howler monkeys, mosquitoes, cranes, birds of paradise, mosquitoes ... everywhere he looked, there were more to be found.  One escaped him - the largest constricting snake in the world: the Anaconda!  Having been told that the Anaconda like the swampy area of the Pampas, he ventured out early one morning to hike across the steamy grassland under the blaring hot sun. Even after traipsing through eye-high swamp for 4 hours, there were none to be found. On the verge of giving up and calling it a day, the black serpent slithered up out of the swamp behind him and grabbed the unsuspecting side dish in it's jaws.  It's body quickly coiled itself completely around the tuber rendering him helpless and gasping for air.

A Bolivian native snatches the Anaconda moments before Spud falls preyFortunately for Spud, a Bolivian native was in the area hunting alligator and heard the commotion. He quickly pounced on the snake and wrestled it off the potato moments before the serpent's final crushing squeeze. Traumatized, but alive, Spud had stared death straight in the face and noted that 'it had remarkably bad breath'.





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