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Spud began his jungle excursion in the small village of Rurrenabaque, Bolivia on the Rio Beni; a major tributary to the Amazon. A thriving metropolis boasting stately no-bedroom grass shacks that are so accommodating, entire family trees live in each one (and their livestock, of course).  Spud was surprised to find that this was also a mecca of entertainment ... touting 2 channels of television to choose from (for a few hours a day) and all night karaoke!

Protected by his evil eye, Spud prepares to leave the jungle town of RurrenabaqueAs much as he would enjoy all that Rurre had to offer, it was the jungle wildlife that Spud had traveled this far for. He had heard much about the dangers of the jungle; in preparation he had to get shots for yellow fever, hepatitis A, malaria, cholera, tetanus and diphtheria.  Who would have thought a hunk of plastic would need to be immunized?

Aside from the dangers of infection, disease and pestilence, Spud also read of the dangerous creatures that lurk in the Pampas and Jungle areas...Anaconda, Tarantulas, Caiman Alligator, Jaguar... he would need protection. He had that covered as well. Armed with a big bottle of bug dope, a machete and his trusty Turkish 'evil eye', he hopped aboard his wooden canoe and sailed down the Rio Yacumo into the unknown.
Spud prepares to travel the dark murky waters of the Rio Yacumo

Onward to the jungle!




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